More than half of New Zealand households send items to landfill that could still be used resulting in up to 75% of landfill being made up of usable items. With this being the case it is crazy that thousands of Kiwis go without the most basic household essentials including clothing, furniture and toys yet these are the very things that are being thrown out.
Help us fix this broken system.

FreeForAll partners with local community groups, schools, businesses, op shops and the community itself to save household items from landfill and redistribute them to the community. We are reducing waste while supporting everyday New Zealanders, it’s a win-win as FreeForAll’s priority is to reduce waste by diverting household goods from landfill.

FreeForAll has an online and physical sharing space for distributing surplus items.

Post an item here online or come visit our store (open on Wed-Sunday) at 15 Te Puni St Petone where for a $7 for adults and $3 for kids entry fee you can take as many items as you want or need (drop offs are accepted at 18 Armidale St Petone). FreeForAll is changing New Zealanders lives by offering affordable places to ‘shop’ while diverting goods from landfills and lowering carbon emissions.

We are always looking for partners and if that is you please get in touch by emailing Dee at

Thank you to our current partners